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Dave's Story

After an amazing career at Senior management level I experienced burnout a few years ago, I thought I had become unemployable, I was not mentally ready to retire. Coaching and mentoring got me back on track, it enabled me to find my true purpose, this experience has made me passionate about helping my clients around the world. I work with professionals who are preparing to or have retired. 

Take a moment to just imagine:

- Living the most rewarding retirement you so desire

- Enjoying doing what you want to do and when you want to do it

- Finding your true purpose and feeling how you want to feel

- And have loads of amazing fun


The prospect of retirement may fill you with uncertainty and fear, my area of specialism is Retirement & Reinvention, I am dedicated to removing the barriers that stop you from living the best and most fulfilling retirement. Unexpected redundancy or retirement can be challenging, on average over 50% of retirees get bored after a few months, we will work together on habits, tips and plans to help you adjust to this significant chapter of your life. 

Do you want to make positive changes in your life?

hoW I

can HELP


Together we will create a more positive mindset, learn new skills, develop new habits and a fresh sense of purpose and be more present.

If any of the above resonates with you and you'd like to chat then book yourself a free introductory session.

I've got YOU



Personal reinvention is a life changing experience that will benefit everyone in some pointing their lives. The term 'reinvention' is really all about re-evaluating ones self when a major change in personal circumstances is approaching. This could be a career transition, redundancy, retirement, or simply a need to alter one's direction in life. The majority of newly retired people get bored within a few months of fully stopping work. Retirement can and should be the most rewarding and enjoyable period of your life. What do you enjoy doing? What gives you a warm feeling of fulfilment? Where can you make a positive difference? Learning new skills of your choice can tip the work life balance in your favour whilst at the same time supplement your income. 

prices and packages on request


'I wasn't fully aware of the extent of my work "fog" until about the 3rd/4th session. At that point when Dave reflected back to me my earlier sessions self, the observations really started to make sense...


Having thoughts carefully fed back to me, selected and packaged in a way that highlights them as positive steps forward, became very significant' 

Adam, Interior Designer,

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