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the creative space coaching - Dave & Susan

ouR clients say...


"... I have found Susan's expertise of Imposter Syndrome & self-criticism invaluable, she understands a creative's mind..."

"... Dave taught me to be more present in life's experiences, showing gratitude to others..."

"...It's an investment, Susan was instrumental in giving me the confidence to start a new job after feeling the weight of Imposter Syndrome from previous roles which led to me burning out .."


"...Dave completely changed my approach to retirement, I'm in control of the habits that we're holding me back ..."


We (Susan and Dave) both pivoted from our successful, well-paid careers in London. Why?..


We needed to pursue a path that enabled us to take control of the most rewarding aspects of our diverse careers. They were nurturing, empowering, inspiring and motivating those around us.

We both specialise in different areas, Susan’s being imposter syndrome, your inner critic and burnout, Dave’s are midlife, retirement and reinvention. 

We are now here for you 

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